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What are some builds you keep replaying even after winning with them?

I think most people play a build till they win, then move on to something different. What are some builds you replay after winning?

I've won with every slight variant of a "master smith" build I can think of but I keep playing them. I try to move on to other builds but I miss searching for and finding forges most of all. That's a basic roguelike bit of fun similar to finding a cool item, only even better because you get not only the fun of the discovery but the fun of the interesting choice of what to make. Seems smithing gives a richer game in some respects.
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Same here. I like to change builds a lot and I don't win very often - all my wins are on the ladder.

When I first won with high strength and charge I instantly started another dwarf to do it again, fencing (single handed subtle shortsword) and singing (Song of Lorien) were similarly intoxicating. In general I like to repeat a build that I made with smithing without smithing. Or repeat a build that worked with a Noldor with a challenge race, but I have too many wacky ideas (e.g. no light challenge or the "trickster", the no stealth / no Lorien pacifist - I know it can work in the endgame, but I didn't get it started due to unintelligent monsters), that I still want to try, to repeat a working build too often.

I am not sure whether "smithing" is a build in itself, high early investment in smithing is a start that offers almost complete liberty for later development and even allows early specialization due to artifacts. (Compare your dwarves with the smithing / singer start with early song of mastery by crown of command that scatha played recently.)
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