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If you're going to serve up hot takes, could you at least make them entertaining please?
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Great fun variant.

Most success I have had in any variant. Favourite was my demonologist, I ended up dying as I got confused about which demons were mine.

Had the whole gods thing as well which added to normal class powers.

To add to the comments above about different play styles:
My favourite story was one formum member ("Wastrel" I think) who won the game with a hobbit rogue who only dealt damage directly by setting traps. Never hit or shot or wand/rod of damage. Lots of wands of stone to mud to set up "dances" and from memory they used a lot of charm monster wands too.
Remember reading it just "Wow - whole different level at this than me".

Oh, and the first time I tried the troll quest, was a long time before I gave that a go again.

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nobody here mentioned that tome2 has a story? actual events?
"i can take this dracolich"
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Oh, I certainly appreciated that!

I originally discovered ToME 2 when I was on a computer that couldn't play ADOM, and was wondering if there were other roguelikes with an overworld, quests, and so on that I could get my hands on.

Coming from ADOM, ToME 2 had a drastically different feel--but I was into it.

Actually, ToME 2 was the reason I even got acquainted with bands to begin with!
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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
nobody here mentioned that tome2 has a story? actual events?
Yes, the Void 🥶

So much to explore and do, AND it’s a fun game to play, that’s what made it great.
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