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Lightbulb class and enemy idea/revision: Ninja/assassin

I came home from work today and my housemate had Bug Wars program playing on the tv. The jumping spider gave me an idea: what if an enemy who might otherwise move slowly could "jump" 4 squares in one turn? I think this would be a super fun enemy to have in Angband. You see a still or slow moving person and don't pay it much heed as you walk by it, then suddenly it jumps you, and you're being attacked! Likewise, playing a Ninja/Assassin class and learning the Leap Attack or Assassin spell could make up for the class' otherwise slow movement speed. Kinda like a phase spell but really quite different, because if an enemy blocks your path to the landing square you selected to leap to, you will be blocked by the enemy but will attack it doing 2X the damage you normally would do in a round of melee (but it would be all in one single blow); and you would have an increased chance of success in hitting the target as well... then you'd go back to your normal melee attack. So if you normally did 5 blows per round for 322 damage per round, then when doing the leaping attack you would do 644 damage in one single blow. So if you missed you'd do 0 damage in that turn, but you'd have an increased chance of hitting the target. You would not be able to do the leaping attack on an enemy you are standing directly adjacent to.

And if we wanted to complicate the class (with some advanced programming) you could make it so that if you wanted to move at normal speed then you'd constantly be using mana to do so (or you would not generate mana while moving at normal speed), but if you move at half the speed (slow movement speed) then you would generate mana quickly (and maybe hitpoints, too), plus increase your stealth by <+3>; actually this complexity to movement could probably be applied to all characters. While moving at normal speed, you don't regenerate hitpoints/mana, are less stealthy, but when you are resting you generate them faster than what is currently the case in Angband and are more stealthy.

Could be a nice way to give more dynamism to the differentiation of movement speed and game speed.
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An enemy with a leap attack would be fun, I agree. Not sure that a player with a leap attack would be useful, except as an escape, because I would rather enemies come to me. Also, I dont trust the RNG. Still, I could imagine other people would disagree depending on their playstyle, so I think it could be a worthwhile addition.

Not a big fan of micromanaging movement though. That strikes me as being rather tedious, or worse deadly because I forgot to go back to normal speed at a critical moment. Also, Im not sure slowing down is ever worth it. Getting double moved is just so dangerous.
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necromancers have a leap attack (vampire strike), it is quite good.
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Frogcompos has jumping spiders. Disintegration or such. Not a fan but they are used in a high level quest which adds to the challenge. If used rarely ok but not fun if too common.

The vault attack of weaponmaster/staves however is awesome and fun but not op. In variants with many summoners it is very useful for a melee build but it would work also in Vanilla.

Frog ninjas also have the approach and attack skill. Useful at times for sure
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