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Z240: Anyone play Monks?

I have been playing Z240 for many years. I have tried Monks a few times, and I just cant seem to get to the deep depths. It seems there are just too many gaps in my resistances and I take too much damage. What do you monk players do to keep your dudes alive?
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Afraid I dont play Z240, I only know monks from ToME but there they were generally very weak too. The best way to play them was in fact by ignoring any monk things and just using armour (= weak warrior). I dont know if thats an option or if youd find that interesting at all. I wouldnt.
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In Zang I like Draconians for Monks as they eventually get the four basic resists and poison resist innately. That means your gear only has to cover high resists and that's not too difficult to get. You may have to carry some stuff around to swap in and out against specific monsters - that makes it doubly important to have some kind of detection spells or items.

Does Z240 have Resistance as a spell for the Nature school? I've been playing Z+ recently and that changes the magic schools, can't remember if old Zang had the same. If Nature does have Resistance then that's worth looking into, it will help any race.
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When I was a worse player I savescummed a monk once. I found it difficult to have enough damage output, so in the midgame I activated DSMs as my main source of damage. That was silly. I also did chaos branding to have tons of gold and repeatedly bought out BMs and magic figurine shops.

I took out Gothmog High Captain of Balrogs with a squad of Greater Titans DD/ I was level 42, and I gained to 44!
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