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The trouble with teleporting is much worse than you think. You are very likely to end up in the same handful of places, where you have already attracted the bad guys. And monsters that are otherwise not so bad can kill you instantly. (Teleporting into a roomful of plasma hounds is a classic death.)
Have no fear; I am well aware of the disasters that can come from careless teleportation. That is why I typically prefer Teleport Other when I am fighting more than one dangerous monster, and save teleporting myself for when the alternative is death. On the whole, I have gotten along rather well, and while I have had a few unfortunate accidents in the early game with Phase Door, I have not had any deaths that I remember resulting from teleportation.
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I think in the recent versions the first use of teleportation in a level is a lot safer than it used to be. Having fewer hounds around reduces the risk greatly, and there are not so many threats that are likely to be awake on the other side of the level if it is unexplored.
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first win, summoning, the one ring

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