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If I recall correctly, the difficulty of recharging and the difficulty of activating the wand are related to the same number. So in general wands that are shallow / common are easier to recharge than ones that are deeper and rarer. There's an added wrinkle though in that the method you use to recharge the thing matters. The Recharging scroll has a fixed strength, but recharging spells vary depending on your level. And mages get a better recharging spell in one of the dungeon books that works more reliably. Moreover, the chance to destroy the item on recharging depends on how many charges it already contains.

As a consequence, you can't really put a "You have an X% chance to destroy this wand when recharging it" in the item description.
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Thank you for your answer, that clears up a lot of things for me that I didn't know about!
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