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Noob - Archer with no arrows

I started a character, and thought it would be wise to attack from range. So I boosted con and dex, invested in archery off the bat, but I never got arrows.

I spent some XP on smithing to try and make some (my skill level was 7), but I could not manage it - don't know why it did not want to "accept" - maybe I need some raw materials?

I died surrounded by wolves - trying to melee, but my character did not have a lot of strength - so I could not really kill them, and since they were quicker, I could not outrun them.
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There is some RNG when it comes to finding weapons/bows/arrows in the dungeon for sure. You will definitely find arrows at some point, but you may have to rely on close combat at first. One option is to work with what you find and build your character from there. There are lots of cool character builds to try.

As far as smithing, here is a basic outline of what you need to do. Once you put the points into smithing, find a forge. The guaranteed forges in Sil-Q 1.5 are at 100', 300', and 500'. In earlier versions and in vanilla Sil, they are at 100', 500', and 900'. When you are standing on a forge, press 0, and use the options to create an item that is within your skill level, then select Accept to start forging. There is no need for materials unless you are forging a mithril item.

Sil is a very difficult game. You will die many many times before winning, it's all part of the fun. Don't be discouraged, it's an excellent game and worth the effort.

Hope that helps and good luck!
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wobbly will become famous soon enough
you'll also need to take weaponsmithing to make arrows
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