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Beta 9 will be the last beta released. I'm currently testing a local beta 10 with the following changes:
- Break long messages (over 80 characters) into multiple pieces so that they are not truncated in the message history log
- Make anti-summon field "imperfect" (range 8-11 field with 65-95% chance of disrupting any summon attempts)
- Don't record a real "death" when a player uses the Undead Form or Death spells
- Prevent ghosts from casting Undead Form or Death spells
- PYTHON upgraded to version 2.7.11
- SETUPTOOLS upgraded to version 19.1.1
- LIBPNG upgraded to version 1.6.19
- FREETYPE upgraded to version 2.6.2

This local beta seems a good candidate for a real 1.1.11 release. Following the latest Angband comp, I will probably balance Summoners even more, but that could be added in a future build.
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