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[Vanilla] YAWP, hi all again

Was on a vacation, and suddenly got the urge to play Angband, so after I got home, got to the homepage and there is even a new version and with no-sell, whee! Now if only there was that option for "big home inventory" ... Dunno if I have the inclination to reinstall all that mingw stuff etc. to recode the huge home inventory for myself again.

But for the game, went for dwarf warrior. Overall I was very lucky with weapon drops, 2200' Found the Great Axe of Durin, and before that I hadn't suffered either. I think I had a branded weapon quite early, acid too IIRC, and then before Durin one of the lighter good dmg artifact weapons don't ask me which I forgot. =P

Before I was even done with statgain and mostly just trying to fit in ESP and get str/dex/con high enough also, blammo, thank you Saruman!
Mace of Disruption of Gondolin (5d8) (+15,+20) <+1> {@w1!k}
     Dropped by Saruman of Many Colours at 3050 feet (level 61).
     Slays undead, demons, orcs, trolls, dragons.
     Provides resistance to dark.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
     Prevents paralysis.  Grants telepathy.  Grants the ability to see
     invisible things.  
     Radius 1 light.
I pretty much used this and a iFire swap for saving my inventory once in a while. Ended with a MoD Holy Avenger, about half-n-half melee / bow on Morgoth, all uniques were killed and only one summon was where I teleported Morgy away and cleared the rest away, he initially summoned creatures to fill up the few empty slots so easysauce for most of Morgy kill.

All in all, only real danger was once with three umber hulks + other misc things at same time, I guess around 2000'. Don't remember how I got into that mix, in an open room, but took me a few turns of !CCW chugging to finally get a breather to escape with a scroll, didn't have a teleport staff on me at the time.
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Welcome back, ewert, and congrats on the win. Mace of Disruption of Gondolin is a nice find for the mid-game, no question.
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