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Equipment and Diving help

Hi all,

I recently started playing Angband again after a 17 year hiatus! My first character fell to Gravity hounds at level 29, so I started another one after some cursing.

My character dump is at:

I've only ever played hHgh-Elf mages so I stuck to what I knew and have been extremely careful. I now sit at level 44 having gone down to DL 69.

I have run out of space (a long time ago actually) in my home and am having trouble figuring out the best way to equip my character with all my options. I now face the fact of either being slowed by carrying extra artifacts around or selling some I have been storing off. I've tried to sell the obviously worse artifacts, but am now stuck.

I've been playing very slowly, focusing on getting all resists and maximizing CON and Speed.

Also, what equipment I should be storing for the endgame? I currently store healing, life, and restore mana potions, scrolls of *Destruction* and Banishment as well as arrows of slay evil. This is mainly form reading the forum and trying to figure out what people are suggesting. Also, I'm I perhaps to dive aggressively dive now? Am I strong enough?

Would any kind soul help me figure out what to do?

Thanks for all the work on this amazing game.
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First off, you're playing 3.1.1, whereas most of us have moved on to 3.2.0. So the advice you get may not always be relevant. The game hasn't changed that much, but I'd still suggest upgrading once you've finished this character.

Just looking at your stats, you're in good shape; the only thing that really needs attention is your speed. Otherwise you'd be good to go win stats-wise. Well, if you could push that INT higher that'd be good.

How much do you benefit from that branding ring? At the depths you're at, most enemies should be evil at least. Run the numbers (especially consider how often you're using melee vs. killing things with spells), and it's possible a different ring would serve you better. Alternately, try on the Glaive; with an acid brand it is quite beastly at 27d6 (average 94.5 before damage bonuses!) to susceptible enemies.

By this point you should be able to cast Teleport Other more reliably than you can use the spells. I don't remember if 3.1.1 gives your failure rate when examining rods, but if it does, then check it; you may well be better off losing the rods.

Wear Caspanion instead of Isildur. Sound and nexus are not huge issues (especially since Caspanion will get you closer to a perfect saving throw, which prevents nexus attacks' teleport-level and stat-swap effects), and the extra INT and CON are always welcome. Sadly not quite enough CON to make it possible to lose the CON ring though. This will also enable you to wear a different cloak like Colannon for the +3 speed/stealth (and patching nexus, coincidentally enough).

Worthless (will almost certainly not use again) items:
* Cloak of Protection
* Carlammas
* Hammerhand (modern versions give it (+8, +8) combat boosts, which make it much more worthwhile)
* Sting (damage just isn't there any more)

Your list of stockpiled items sounds good. Staves of the Magi can help you keep your mana topped up without having to rely on potions of restore mana, so you can save them for the final fight. Ditto with Staves of Healing vs. potions of healing. Just remember that the staves have a failure rate, so if you'll die if the staff fails, do something else. I favor carrying scrolls of destruction at this point for those emergencies.
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First winner!

Thanks for the help. Your comments really helped figuring out what to focus on. Funnily enough, I didn't think of using the staves of Magi/Healing/*Destruction* before your helpful comment. That proved massively helpful because I didn't want to use the consumables. In retrospect, I could have used more of them on some uniques (mainly The Tarrasque, what a beast!).

I think I was massively overpowered when I finally took on Sauron and Morgoth. I had something like a combined 35 - 40 potions of Healing, *Healing*, and Life as well as 25 potions of Restore Mana and a Staff of Healing.

I used mainly Mana Storm with a smattering of Slay Evil arrows. For summons I mostly used Banishment as well as a couple of destructions to get rid of Huan, which had breath attacks I could not handle in combination with Morgoth. Never hit single round of melee, finishing him off like a real mage. Had speed of +40 with temporary haste so I got an extra turn here and there on Morgoth. Needed around 10 - 15 Healings as well as around 10 Restore Mana to finish him off.

Now for my next challenge. Expecting my second child on Thursday, so I guess I will be busy for some time. Something tells me I won't be able to stay away from Angband for long though. I am already itching to try some other classes...

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Timo Pietilä
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Originally Posted by gudjkrist View Post
Expecting my second child on Thursday, so I guess I will be busy for some time.
Try next 18 years or so.
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Originally Posted by Timo Pietilä View Post
Try next 18 years or so.

Although on my parental leave I have had some time to Angband away. At least enough time to record a stupid death by way of "just one more turn...":

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