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Could there be more playable races in Sil?

Part of Sil's charm is that it sticks fairly closely to Tolkien's lore and doesn't have a lot of generic fantasy content, but in gameplay terms I think there is room for a wider variety of races with combinations of stats and affinities not currently available. So I've been trying to think about whether any other races could be added without breaking the immersion too much.

Note that all this is purely speculative as I don't have the coding skills to develop a variant of Sil myself.

While there are many more groups and kindreds of elves than exist in the game, for the most part it's not obvious how they could be differentiated from the existing ones, but what about the Vanyar?

We know that canonically the Vanyar didn't leave Aman to participate in the affairs of Middle Earth except during the War of Wrath, but if they *did* decide to go and try to recover a Silmaril, we can speculate that they would be superior even to the Noldor in their abilities, but would in some way be defying the will of the Valar and so may be cursed.

Str: 1
Dex: 3
Con: 2
Gra: 2

Polearm proficiency
Song affinity
Evasion affinity
Permanent "encounters more dangerous enemies" curse

There is some in-lore precedent for Mair being in Middle-Earth, as we know of Melian in the early years and the Istari later. To prevent them being overwhelmingly powerful, we could assume that Maiar who go on a quest for the Silmarils either choose or are forced to adopt mortal bodies that limit their power, much like the Istari.

Many of the Maiar seem to be related to one or more Valar, so here are a few ideas:

Maia of Tulkas:
Str: 3
Dex: 1
Con: 2
Gra: 0

Melee affinity
Stealth penalty
Innate "stand fast" ability

Maia of Orome:
Str: 0
Dex: 2
Con: 2
Gra: 1

Evasion affinity
Stealth affinity
Perception affinity

Maia of Varda:
Str: 0
Dex: 1
Con: 1
Gra: 3

Will mastery
Innate +1 light radius

Finally, it may be stretching the lore a bit too much, but could there be playable evil races, who have rebelled against Morgoth and are trying to acquire the Silmarils for themselves? I don't think orcs or trolls would work as they're unlikely to have strength of will to defy Morgoth, but maybe the more powerful evil creatures like vampires or werewolves?

Str: -1
Dex: 3
Con: -1
Gra: 1

Evasion mastery
Stealth affinity

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