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In my Sil hey days, I was definitely one of the few who almost always favored the Greatswords in the early game. The accuracy isn't great, I know. The fact that I lose the Shield slot, you probably couldn't stomach that either. Greatswords or any weapon that can be wielded two-handed and had a 3d(n) or 4d(n)), etc weapon dice were the hallmark of my all-out-melee playstyle. Check out some of my top characters on the Sil ladder (search for HugoTheGreat2011). You'll kind of see what I mean.
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the way I look at it is, I can give up my shield slot for a greatsword that misses a lot and is only good for killing Kemen, or I can give it up for a deathblade that can hit 30-40s with subtlety and some help from Concentration (which is viable in mpa since it has no prereq) at 700' and will melt the throne room easily. To me, it's not even a decision. In my last game before i rage-quit I was hitting shadow spiders for 50s, while running an XP defecit from smithing.
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I've got this very quandary going on right now. I have a mastery build which has just cleared out the Chambers of Thu and so is more or less set, however I am not yet decided how to approach V.

At the moment I am switching between Glamdring for low protection and Glend for ancient serpents. The only melee ability I have taken is finesse and so there is plenty of scope in that tree.

I think in an ideal world I find a blackblade or Saithnar (assuming certain Mithril longswords don't pop). But assuming the weapons carried, how would you approach it?
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Unless I smith I usually just hold off melee decisions until I find an endgame weapon to build around (usually the first sharp one in my way). After a certain point its all academic unless you want to kill V anyhow.
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My last winning char was swapping between the +2 deathblade and Glamdring while doing the 950' circuit and they didn't seem too far off one another, though the difference could be in Glamdring basicalIy having an autocrit on almost everything at that depth. I had a ring of damage<+1> for most of the game, so with subtlety and momentum I had 1d14 with 6/crit with a deathblade and 2d10 with 7/crit with Glamdring. If I had a bit more strength I could have had 2d12 with Glamdring. My strategy is basically to build song of slaying + sharpness + woven themes at 950' (no song before then), then weave them for the throne room.

Since you already have Anguirel I would probably go for dual-wielding Anguirel and Glamdring. I'm not really sure how the throne room works with mastery, to be honest - do you weave it with slaying, or just poke morgoth until he dies, or what?
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So it turns out polearms are actually pretty good against V. I'm not too sure about greatswords or greataxes that aren't sharp, though, you will need a lot of strength to get enough damage sides to really do a lot of damage, along with Rapid Attack. I still think subtlety with a deathblade, preferably like 2.5lb, with a good attack bonus is best against V, but you can have some success with polearms, especially e.g. a 2d10 glaive. Rapid Attack really seems key here but it's a pain to get and seems to reduce your damage output without buffs and a massive slaying bonus.
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A greatsword does it pretty fast if it happens to be Calris & obviously Sathnir is good. I just took a look & you can actually get a great sword down to 3.5 lbs in Sil so a double-fine in a good weight is going to be strong.

I've used a 4d5 vampiric great axe without sharpness & it's slow but it will punch through Morgoth's protection so it's just a matter of having enough !str, !con & !quick to last a drawn out fight.

Not sure why you're saying rapid attacks hard to get, can't you just get it via opportunist?
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Yeah, I just never train stealth (ideally) so it's a lot of XP for the mid-game, especially when I usually take 6-7 melee abilities per game. It seems that you sort of make up for the lost XP in a way by getting opportunist, because fewer enemies will escape up the stairs, so I guess it pays for itself in the long run. Plus kemen especially are infuriating without it and you can really miss out on a lot of experience.
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