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Unofficial front page "graphics" thumbnail contest

Noticed the thumbnail above the "graphics" blurb on the front page of the official Angband site, --the thumbnail on the right side--is possibly not as eye-catching as the game can get; there's nothing wrong with it, and clearly work was put into it, but perhaps by our combined efforts we could come up with something even better. Don't know if this will go anywhere but thought it might be fun anyway to have a little informal contest wherein we whip up some alternate game scenes that could fit in a similar 175x175 square.

Format: 175 x 175 px .png image

All such images posted in this thread are understood to be:
- unaltered--aside from optional shrinking in size--screenshots from the game
- showing at least one of the game's tile sets
- the poster's own work (the screenshot, not necessarily the tiles)
- completely open source and free for any use whatsoever (the screenshot, not necessarily the tiles)

Is this a bad idea? I don't know, but I'd love to see what people come up with.

Here are a few attempts from me: I thought I'd leave the tiles full scale to give their full effect. Also, I seem to like that adorable beholder.

I suppose I may be cheating by hosted embedded images rather than using the forum's attachment feature. ; )

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