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I just found the offical Angband music!

I just found the official Angband music!

Neverlur & Sequestered Keep - Under Nordljosets Straalar / Quests in the North (2019) (Winter Synth)

Especially the first part.

Tell me I'm wrong?!
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Originally Posted by andvare View Post
I just found the official Angband music!

Neverlur & Sequestered Keep - Under Nordljosets Straalar / Quests in the North (2019) (Winter Synth)

Especially the first part.

Tell me I'm wrong?!
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This *is* some great music for Angband. Though, I don't know. It's hard to beat Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill) a song literally about Fingolfin's duel with Morgoth:
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I usually just listen to Buckethead or Liquid Tension Experiment or some other instrumental, guitar-heavy progressive or fusion stuff.

Nothing TOO interesting, lest it distract me from suddenly appearing threats...

... or mistaking a Dracolich for a Dracolisk.
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Dungeon synth list

Nice. Love it. I have been listening to a bunch of cool Dungeon Synth lately so I figured I'd share some!

1. Swamp Kingdom
by TALES UNDER THE OAK - Simply superb fantasy synth IMHO. Even better than his previous release The Toad King. https://darkageproductions.bandcamp..../swamp-kingdom

2. Yearn, Ye Feeble Stonecutters
by Moss Troll - Moss Troll has such a cool vibe. Very weird and imaginative.

3. Unwelcome Guests
by Blood Lord - "Vampiric Dungeon Synth" chiptune. For those who like old school video game music!

4. DREAM ダ​ン​ジ​ョ​ン
by blashy - Dream Dungeon. Theme song for the guy stuck in the dungeon forever. Great dungeon crawling music!

5. Slow And Heavy
by Diplodocus - This is a great sub sub genre of dungeon synth: Dino Synth!
Also just makes for great dungeon crawling.

6. Vol. II
by Blood Stained Orc - Dungeon synth noise. Harsh, Grating, made by the same guy who does Moss Troll. Volume warning. You either love it or hate it.

7. The Sick Knight
by Acid Crypt - A solid dungeon synth work. Highly recommended as an Angband soundtrack.

8. Tome I
by Erang - The classic first Tome by the legend Erang.

9. Sharpen Thy Knife, Curse The Sky
by Moth Tower - Only wish I could have gotten a vinyl of this amazing dungeon synth album!

10. The Last Letter of Winter
by Frostgard - Frostgard is directly "inspired by J.R.R Tolkien's books". This album is his latest. So it's been on repeat for me! Great stuff for dungeon crawling!

Well, there is too much great dungeon synth music out there. I'll just keep the list to 10. But personally. I love everything on this entire list and think you should definitely enjoy during your next Angband playthrough!

Bonus: https://tasteofbeerrecords.bandcamp....-dungeon-music
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