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T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta27 aka "Orbituary" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta27 ! See
Don't forget to help ToME by with donations( ) !

Release highlights:
Many important bugfixes
New Archmage starting zone: the Abashed Expanse
Replaced Nature tree with Aegis tree
Various balance tweaks
Adventurer parties now can drop alchemist quest ingredients

Expanded changelist:
When the player has the transmogrification chest a new "Transmogrify" option is available in the inventory item menu
Most lore notes will not popup if already known (aka: via the sher'tul fortress library)
Spell sustains will correctly disable when learning antimagic
Freeze cooldown is now always 3 turns higher than the freeze duration. Damage increase accordingly so no loss there
Ice Storm got a new, much cooler, effect
Flameshock when using Burning Wake will leave a trail of fire of the correct shape
Recalling out of the dark crypt on lvel 4 or before wont wrongly grant the Savior achievement
Reduced the cost and cooldown of Ice Storm and Tidal Wave
Fixed tactical infos for Fire Storm, now NPCs will use it
Random zones from the Exploratory Farportal will not let you get out of the normal level range, nor let you miss the way back home
Left pane now shows the kind and status of temporary effects in the tooltips
Replaced the Nature tree with the Aegis tree
When frozen the movement keys will do autoattacks to the ice
Grids can be made passable by projectiles but not actors using pass_projectile
Storm Wyrms/Drakes are not lonely fellows anymore, they have escorts just like all other drakes
If the Eidolon is removed by any means from the Eidolon Plane it will instantly come back
Human, Halfling and Elven archmages now start in Angolwen
All non zone specific NPCs now have a proper tile!
Archmages starting in Angolwen can now go into the Abashed Expanse
New zone: Abashed Expanse, a part of Eyal torn away and thrown into orbit far above the planet
Frozen now splits damage 40/60 instead of 25/75. Also while frozen you can not get any new detrimental status effects (the existing ones are kept however)
Manaflow cooldown reduced
Manaflow and Manasurge runes are now disabled while a mana regen effect is active (just like life regeneration effects)
Drain will not work on oneself anymore
Toxic Death will only spread to foes
Fixed the jewelry creation
Fixed the "black map" bug
Fixed some achievements when not using shockbolt tiles
Adventurer parties encounters are now correctly hostile
Fixed One With Nature
Corrected Flameshock description
Rebalanced many Brawler talents
Brawlers have a new talent in finishing moves (Concussive Punch)
Removed Rushing Strike but Brawlers now can learn Rush more easily
Finishing moves may now be used without combo points but at reduced effect
Pugilism talents that used to grant more then one combo point now
grant their additional combo points at talent level 4
Increased damage scaling on most brawler striking talents
Unarmed Training is now a class tree and based off cunning
Conditioning tree now requires strength to learn instead of con
Reduced Spacetime Tuning Cooldown
Gloves & gauntlets should display correct damage mods
Damage Smearing will now convert all damage except temporal damage into temporal damage over time rather than arcane damage
Adventurer parties that wander the worldmap have been busy slaying stuff, they can now have ingredients for the alchemists quest
Fixed Silent Blade
Removed nightmare mode achievements (since nightmare mode is no more)
Fix Arcane Eye at level 5
No random lore appears in the random zones or in the islands of Rel
Non-moving creatures will not try to flee
Dominant Will correctly appears in the right click menu
Fixed a rare combo of talents that could make a brawler random boss enter an infinite loop
Telekinetic Leap respects the talent range
Fixed the random crash/weird textures when coming back from the Eidolon plane
Fixed Huge Appetite achievement
Movement tutorial appears once again
Frozen tooltip updated to clarify that it blocks teleport & heal
Missing tooltips in the character sheet
Fixed vertical doors in shockbolt tiles
The "room of death" is the Vor Armoury is guarded by sealed doors
Chrono worlds will now clear on level/zone change
Paradox clone debuffs will now prevent the player from leaving the level or zone door to the past no longer increases paradox but may cause anomalies while active
Six new vaults from the vault contest and a new unique for the winner, Burbs Lull
Fixed a leak of particle systems

Have fun!
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