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T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta24 aka "Mappy" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta24 ! See

Small bugfix release for beta23.
Oh and I mastered OSX compilation in VMWare, so this comes with an OSX version right now! (and it might even work!)

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations( ) !

Release highlights:
* Various important fixes and updates

Expanded changelist:
* Fix the alchemists quest, again
* The slave combatant in the ring of blood has got a higher level of relentless strikes and a second regen infusion
* Fixed Kryl Feijan
* Weapon Combat renamed to Combat Accuracy
* New damage shield gfx
* Fix weather effects scrolling
* Rework some racial descriptions
* Rain in the old forest should feel much more like rain now
* Give random lore a specific definition in loot tables so that it will drop more often
* Overhauled the speeds system. Now when a talent or object grants +X% foo speed it means you can do X% more of action foo in the same time. So if you get a 100% combat speed increase you will attack twice as fast
* Speeds now stacking is now multiplicative
* Damage resistances are now stacking multiplicatively
* Melinda's father reward can not cause duplicate arts
* The Spellblaze Crystal has more mana regen
* Demon Plane spell now correctly ends if one of the actors dies instantly upon arrival
* Demon Plane spell damage is now bound to the caster's damge increases
* Fix Demon Plane when used with escorts on the level
* Stores now have boots/hands/...
* Corrupted Strength and Dual Weapon Training can not create infinite damage at super high (npc) levels
* Cooldowns go down in worldmap
* Online charsheet now displays talents tooltips and achievement's level
* Lumberjack quest will correctly pop even if taken into an ambush at the same time
* Fix Sharp Bones when saving/reloading
* Can not cheese out the 600 damage achievements using the Mouth
* Fixed minimap going bonkers

Have fun!
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