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My anti-summoning rant

Don't hate me, but I feel that summoning is severely broken. Summoning is seldom beneficial to the summoner. The summons are either TO's/banished/destructed and dealt with later (or not), or the summons themselves, if weak, become defensive barriers for the player and also keep a fleeing summoner from escaping. In the best case, a lucky summons may chase the player off the level. I don't know what can be done to fix it. It really seems like an AI issue to me. Monsters summon in inappropriate situations and then behave as if they hadn't summoned at all.

In my current game a few deep summoning uniques turned a fairly ordinary level into a huge jackpot. I refuse to use ASC's, so big summoners often summon at least once before they die. These summons provide a lot of additional 'good/great' drops, and also often summon more worthwhile stuff for me to kill. It's not farming, and I'm not doing it intentionally to gain XP and treasure, but it sure does feel like cheating. I shouldn't have to flee a level or dig an ASC to prevent my character from growing too powerful too quickly.

When all was said and done on DL89, I had killed about 10 deep uniques (in addition to dozens of ancients/wyrms/deep demons and undead), gained 3 levels (43-45), and found no less than six artifacts along with all the other stuff. It was RePos, but it's essentially the same as V3.2. (EDIT: far, just spotted two more uniques I TO'd earlier.)

I may be whining about nothing, and I know there was a thread on fixing summoning some time ago, but as I recall nothing concrete ever came out of it. I just wanted to bring it up again, as my situation has a bit of a different twist.
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