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So I cleared a huge vault to get consumables and that gave me so many XP I was most of the way to level 50, so I decided to just finish that up.

Morgoth was mildly annoying, in part because my runes of protection were not working well and in part because he kept managing to summon really annoying creatures. Spent more time than I would have liked doing things other than damaging him. But it all worked out fine.

The character is here, if you are interested. Overall, thanks to all that speed and finding spellbooks easily, it was one of the easier wins I had.
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Pete Mack
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Congrats. The final fight probably took so long because 360 dam/turn is really terrible for a melee character. Even my recent priest win was doing over 400 nominal damage in the final fight. (I almost invariably end up with either an HA or +2 attacks big weapon. (If not Mace of Disruption, then Scythe of Slicing or Blade of Chaos.) With a Paladin, 550 is not an unreasonable expectation. (And no, lightning immunity is not worth the lost damage, except as a swap vs Pazuzu &c.)
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