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[Un] Race and class balancing

As you all know, UnAngband has a multitude of races and classes. They are not very well game-tested, so their stats are not well-balanced. I'd like to discuss some issues.

In particular, after recent changes, Warriors in CVS have lower hitpoints than Artisans. Also, sums listed in comments for some races are no longer correct and they (and possibly some classes) are probably stat-wise unbalanced, and stats are very important in Un, because you cannot just max them all. Moreover, the very negative CON and SIZ for some races/classes is removed and the effects of CON/SIZ is changed, disrupting the delicate (Un)balance of stats, e.g. probably making raising both CON and SIZ equally wise strategy for all races and classes; also probably making it wise for all races and classes to put starting stat points into CON and SIZ, while before for some combos the points would have no immediate effect whatsoever; probably making the very high CON and SIZ of some races much more valuable and increases at the start more beneficial for them, because the stats are now far away from the regions where HP gains are small, etc.

The "+ siz_bonus" line in the HP calculation seems strange, because then it is no longer the case that initial HP are equal to Hit Dice. I'm also not sure if doubling CON effect on HP with respect to SIZ is a good idea, because then CON is better than SIZ for almost all classes. This is not bad in itself, but thinking about the game seems to be much easier if the stats are roughly equivalent in usefulness averaged over all classes. Anyway, this decision requires heavy rebalancing in many places (e.g. SIZ item bonuses should be valued less than CON bonuses, CON table for HP bonus should be scaled down and SIZ table scaled up, etc.). The system before the last CVS changes was designed to mimic the old HP values --- even if it put both base HP and bonus HP under the same name as Hit Dice. The current system, after the recent CVS changes seems to result in much higher HP at high levels than before new races and SIZ were introduced.

All this said, the system really needs rebalancing (preferably after play-testing) so it's nice it's changing, even if randomly. Eventually it will stabilize at something interesting (even if different from the old Un) for sure.
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