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Originally Posted by Dawnmist View Post
Target OS is Internet Tablet OS 2007 ('maemo' linux, 'bora' release), which is on an embedded ARM processor. The toolchain is a scratchbox install for maemo 3.2/Nokia N800 - set up according to the instructions in the maemo development howto and compiling with the ARMEL target (scratchbox hosted inside an Ubuntu Feisty machine).
Did you say that this was reproducable on desktop linux too? (e.g. your Ubuntu install)

It seems strange that it thinks it needs to overwrite an existing savefile when there is NO existing file..[/quote]

That's just screwy logic -- I thought I'd fixed it a while ago, but I haven't quite got round to fixing the fix. A ticket was recently filed about this.

Unless I've used the wrong function to try to flash a message in the top line, the problem is somewhere in Term_fresh() - the message immediately before this one is shown ("Please wait..."), but the "Term_fresh() done..." message never comes up and angband hangs.
Try printf instead. It may be more reliable here.
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Did you say that this was reproducable on desktop linux too? (e.g. your Ubuntu install)
I'd better clarify - when running it in the scratchbox environment on the desktop machine, yes - but not tried it for a native Ubuntu linux x86 binary.

Scratchbox sets up a virtual machine environment so I can cross-compile and test ARM binaries on linux x86.

Angband 3.0.9 runs fine in this virtual machine, and on the N800 handheld. Svn trunk hangs on both.

Tried printf, again nothing changes after the 'Please wait...' prompt. So from the code:
/* Stop the player being quite so dead */
p_ptr->is_dead = FALSE;

/* Flash a message */
prt("Please wait...", 0, 0);

/* Flush the message */

/* Flash a message */
printf("Term_fresh() done...");
the 'Term_fresh() done...' string never gets printed.
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new ncurses port

I have a new ncurses build up at

I've hosted dawnmist's latest shared build. Haven't gotten around to addressing the oddness that occurs with the sdl build.

A good excuse to go 'purist' eh?

Oh dawnmist as you may know, the current xkbd virtual keyboard isn't working well with OS2008, so that's not a good option for sdl angband.

Hope you're doing ok - we can use all the help we can get with these games.
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I'd be interested to see if you could build FAangband - it has an SDL port, and can be operated purely by the touchscreen.
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