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Newb Questions on Entroband Attack Numbers

I'm sure these questions are not Entro specific, but I'm finally at a point in my playing where I feel I need to start crunching numbers to determine which weapons are best for my char.

Specifically, I'm not sure what the attack and shooting numbers mean on the character sheet. For example:

Right hand (-12,+12)
Shooting (+22,+7)

What do these numbers represent, especially the negative number for Right Hand? I thought they were just for ToHit and ToDamage, but now don't think that is correct. The negative number is what made me start to pay closer attention to these stats.

I've looked thru the Entro help files and can't seem to find any specifics on these numbers. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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They are, in fact (unless Entro is a vastly different affair), ToHit and ToDam parameters. The negative number simply tells you that you'll have a much harder time to actually hit the enemy. And if you can't hit him, you can't hurt him either, meaning that if your ToHit is too low, even a very high ToDam isn't going to help you much...

Anyway, you can read about these (and some other) numbers in the excellent "Newbie's Guide" on the Thangorodrim ( Check it out!
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The negative number very likely is a result of you playing a non-warrior type and are using that type of weapon for the first time. In entro, each weapon type has it's own attack bonus that starts in the negatives and increases when that weapon type is used to attack.

You can check those weapon ratings by pressing ~ c

If you have a non english keyboard you might have problems pressing ~ though. In that case you'd have to switch to an english layout first. ~ is then located on shift+button under esc
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Thanks for the quick and excellent responses. I'm now have a better understanding of how proficiencies work in Entro. Thanks again.
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