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BOOM!!! Angband in UNDER 3 hrs!!!!

.....years ago I remember seeing someone on this forum saying a speedrun of angband could be probably done in less than 3 hrs!..... and my thought was NO WAY....
that was back in the days when it typically took me 2 days to finish the game.

Now.... I give you Angband in less than 3 hrs!
You MUST get lucky to do this. The most important combo being Arcane power and clone monster. In this game I managed to clone enough eye drujs to get level 49 by the 2hr mark.
Even then you this is useless without enough speed or mana!
I had 6 potions of mana to take on both Sauron and Morgoth!

19m40s Blue dragon scale mail 700ft lv 15
28m28s TELEPATHY!!!! 700ft lv17
28m35s Free action 700ft lv17
44m40s Ring of escaping 1000ft lv21
44m43s Artifact crossbow +5INT 1000ft lv21
1hr14m29s CLONE MONSTER 1550ft lv27
1hr27m28s Boots of Elvenkind +6 1650ft lv27
1hr46m9s Arcane control 2200ft lv30
1h59m39s Eye druj hunt begins! 2500ft lv 31
2h7m30s Eye druj hunt ends lv 49!
2hr20m10s Nice cap! n staff of speed 3150ft
2h42m3s Super ring lv 49!
2hrs 47mins in I have 13 minutes left to kill both Sauron and Morgoth with only 6 potions of mana!
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