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"You hear the fluttering of tiny wings", aka: level feelings - a proposal

I hate the current level feelings with a passion. Others love it. Here's a proposal for level feelings I can live with:

Checks are made against perception on entering the level. Message appears in (delay - success level) turns. Current level feelings display fudged number on failed checks (true value +/- failure levels). Additional check could potentially be added for spawns.

The following to be tracked on level gen:
  • Monster Danger (currently in)
  • Loot Value (currently in)
  • Pits
  • Vaults
  • Closest Monster
  • Highest Level Unique
  • OOD Monsters
  • Quantity >x enemy
  • Quantity >x traps

List can be longer or shorter depending on how ridiculous it gets.

2 Flavour texts(high/low level) per monster category. Unique Orcs would use orc flavour text. Special uniques like the Nazgul could have their own.

e.g. "tiny scratches mark the walls and floor" - little Reptile
"large scratches on the walls mark the passage of a large beast" - large Reptile
"A smell of sulfur pervades the air" - demon
"A toxic slime drips from the walls" - big poison breather


Edit: Argh. Can correct the tittle spelling but not the url.

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