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Ingwe Ingweron
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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
The Rod Of Probing helped speed up this process, by telling you every detail about a mob, even if you dont wake it up and suffer all its attacks.

So once upon a time, yeah, Probing was a useful tool, for new players. Nowadays, not so much.
Yeah, until Nick made it so monster.txt could be copied and renamed to lore.txt, with every new version of the game (that broke savefile compatability), I would use probing, and a list of all uniques and monsters, slowly checking them off the list. The next @ would try to then leave uniques alive that hadn't been fully identified until getting probing, then go back and search for them, or farm the unpronouncable Q for them, and go back to the town and descend probing every unidentified regular monster. After three or four iterations I would again have a complete knowledge file. So, very, very, glad Nick made that painstaking process unnecessary!
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― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
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Found 4 scrolls of recharging - should I use them on the 2 wands of teleport other or is it too dangerous, just use one when they run out?
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I'd say risky with only 2 (as 1 could go to electric breathe) & riskier to let go below 3 charges. It's really a matter of opinion. I think the dungeon has more devices then I have pack space.
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Pete Mack
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Wait til you are down to 1 charge (or zero), then use 1 scroll. If a wand breaks, use the other. Otherwise save it til you have to use it again. Your odds of success are much lower if you try to charge an already charged wand. Another technique is to put all the wands on the floor ij a line, then recharge them one at a time as you walk over them. This is a particularly useful technique for damage wands, however, but less useful for TO.
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