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Originally Posted by OOD Town drunk View Post
I like killing letters with numbers.
I like killing Greek letters with Roman letters, with some help from numbers
You read the scroll labeled NOBIMUS UPSCOTI...
You are surrounded by a stasis field!
The tengu tries to teleport, but fails!
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OOD Town drunk
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Originally Posted by Raajaton View Post
A pretty perfect description of the game.
It came to me as I was typing. I like to think of it as one of my many illegitimate epiphanies. (like a baby you weren't expecting)
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i play some form of 'band whenever i'm at home. sometimes i play 'band when waiting for internet to connect. wifi can be that slow sometimes
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In my last game, I took the stairways down and found myself in a room full of green worms; I avoided it without waking them up. I picked up an un-id'd scroll. Next room: a novice priest. I managed to kill him somehow, with some help from flasks of oil. Suddenly, Grip, Farmer Maggot's dog, came charging onto me. I tried meleeing it (I was a warrior, after all). All flasks were gone though, and I still was CLVL 1. A couple of rounds and the bastard took me down to 2hp. What should I have done? I read the un-ID'd scroll. Deep descent! I was carried to lvl 5 straight away. Room empty, so I could rest to regain my HP. Then, finally sensing some calm around me (lousy level feeling), I took out my laptop and started playing Angband.

Roguelike keymap, by the way.
Dive fast, die young, leave a high-CHA corpse.
You read a scroll labeled 'lol gtfo' of Teleport Level.

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