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Originally Posted by Derakon
On the flipside, I'd be very leery of accepting money for working on Pyrel right now, simply because money implies an obligation, and there's a massive gap between "I am receiving enough money to obligate me to spend time on Pyrel" and "I am receiving enough money to support myself working on Pyrel." Most of the space in that gap has me spending more time programming than I have to spend, so long as my primary job is also programming-related.
This was my point. I didn't intend to criticise Biskup, since it is too early to judge what the donations will lead to. Closed source is still a valid business choice. IMO open-source is best supported by commissions rather than donations (e.g. I will pay X for a java port of Sangband, for a linux driver for my new GPU etc.), since it's then clearer what the obligation is.
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Originally Posted by LostTemplar View Post
Nice one, ADOM was my first roguelike.
Me too, wish I'd noticed this post before the project expired. I'd have tossed in a couple of bucks.
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Well hey, the Deluxe version is coming eventually, so a few bucks there will send a message indeed to keep the development chugging on along even beyond the many improvements and additions the campaign ended up achieving when all was said and done.

Latest from Biskup is answering some questions folks had during the virtual party celebrating the end of the funding campaign....outlines a fair bit, though the real post-mortem entries meant to help other Roguelike folks thinking about taking a crack at the lot of it still has awhile yet to come:

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