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Therem Harth
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Slackware will probably perform better. There have been some impressive performance improvements in the 3.x kernels.

One feature you may want to turn off though is transparent hugepages. The positive impact on desktop performance is AFAIK minimal, but transparent hugepage defragging can cause lockups when copying large files (on some machines and some kernel versions).

(See: )
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Therem Harth
Join Date: Jan 2008
Posts: 926
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BTW, if anyone's still reading this thread, I mention that (in my experience) some Firefox themes has a positive impact on GUI performance. Not the pixmap-heavy ones like Noia, but more minimal themes like Littlefox seem to make the browser more responsive... I would guess this is because emulating GTK widgets is slower than rendering a native theme, assuming there aren't pixmaps all over the place.

Edit: I'll have to see if maybe I can get Firefox to stop using GTK widgets. There should be some way of telling it to use the standard blocky XUL widgets, somewhere in about:config... Grr.
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Im not sure if debian has a build for it, But ive come to really really like Midori. Its webkit based, superfast, and damn near aces the acid test.
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