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Exclamation Review: Portralis


mkdir PortralisSrc
cd PortralisSrc
unzip ../
cd src
Please note, that does NOT contain a top-folder - it will extract right where you are (what is a Bad Thing)!

Then, edit two files: Makefile and config.h

Enable this instead of the default-line in Makefile:
CFLAGS = -Wall -O1 -pipe -g -D"USE_GCU"
LIBS = -lncurses

Note: -ltermcap simply does NOT work - although the library is installed!
Very strange ...

Uncomment line in config.h:

Lots and lots of warnings - without any end in sight!
BUT: Compiles!

Final Error:

util.o(.text+0x161): In function `path_temp':
/home/archive/RogueLike/MAINTAINED/Portralis/PortralisSrc/src/util.c:284: warning: the use of `tmpnam' is dangerous, better use `mkstemp'

Output is called "testing" :-O

make install
cd ..
mv testing portralis
Works, but needs knowledge of what to change and is a bit dangerous because of the missing top-folder.

First opinion: It asks too much questions that cannot be answered with <Return>

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