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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
Another question (FA)... perhaps I should just start my own thread???
This one looks like yours for now.

Do the contents of chests depend upon where you find them or where you open them?
This is something I have not changed from OAngband, and had always assumed depended on where it was opened. On inspecting the code, it appears the quality is determined on chest creation, so you can open it anywhere.

Does the size of the chest (large or small) indicate the value of the items inside, the number of items, or simply the weight of the chest?
Size determines number of items. Large chests of a given type are better than small chests of the same type, but a small iron chest has better item quality than a large wooden chest, etc.

Is it possible to refill the chest after opening it, to save pack space?

I occasionally find an empty bottle, what is it for?
It's basically junk. If you're really stuck you can throw it at something and it may do a small amount of damage, but that's about it.
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