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Mordenkainen's Instant Hockeystick

So it appears that in recent builds (I'm on the runeId branch, but I'm guessing this is probably from the code restructure) the create doors spell adds a closed door underneath the player.

Closed doors block line of sight.

If the player is standing on a closed door, nothing has LoS on the player.

Without LoS, nothing can use spells or breath weapons.

Cue terrible terrible abuses.

That's my preliminary analysis, anyway. Now I had best get back to *thoroughly* testing it 8-)
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Nick will become famous soon enough
Checks out.

Had some fun testing it with a skull druj
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I'd noted this in the 4.0.4 bug list, but I'm not sure how far back it goes. Definitely makes for an easy approach to taking down greater quylthulgs and drujs. And many other things.

That makes it a feature, not a bug, right?
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I had vague recollections of the door appearance coming up in one of those threads, but I don't think the implications were raised:

Quylthulgs? Drujs?

Morgoth just went down without getting an attack in...

Although I think the demon and dragon pits were the most excessively abusive fun. At least until my _magi failed to recharge...

Brings back memories of Globe of Invulnerability...
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