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Originally Posted by Sirridan View Post
1. YASD -- You screwed up big, you paid for it.
50th level HE warrior with winning kit. My first real game in the new NPP, iirc- or maybe it was my last real game in the old one. Wanted to kill Vecna before M. Vecna is really a badass in NPP- he just keeps casting, and casting, and summoning, and casting, until he's out of mana. I caught him in a nice spot where he couldn't summon much and I had a nice hidden space to step back to, or so I thought...

He hit me with death. I stepped into a space that I'm pretty sure would have been safe in V. I activated Gondor, rather than quaffing a potion- I thought Vecna couldn't see me. The activation failed. Vecna hit me with death again. Second time was the charm. I think that's the only time I've ever lost a clvl 50 character. The worst part is that since targeting is symmetric in NPP I could have checked.
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