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In my view, another factor that made it very enjoyable is the fact that the gameplay was quite varied also inside the same game. It never felt like 100 levels of the same thing: there were many dungeons to choose from, a variety of quests, towns, and a general storyline to tie everything together. The dungeons had different enemies, different features, even different colors visually. In some you could cross walls; some had double tiles; some were underwater...
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Originally Posted by DolorousStroke View Post
The Fury mod of ToME 2 is still one of my favorite games. It gets a bit closer to Tolkien. There are some incredible pitched battles like around Orthanc, ent army against orc army, and some wonderful ascii towns like Dale on the Long Lake. Really fantastic. I was sad when ToME headed away from Tolkien--although ToME 4 is pretty incredible.
The Fury mod or THeme?
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Originally Posted by epicman View Post
!! Thank you epicman !!
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