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3x Breaking and Entering by Anaxe the Master Thief

Anaxe had been very lucky so far. Nearly as powerful as a Dunadain get, and fitted with a very nice kit including a large collection of artifact bows. Although most of the shooters are hanging on the walls of her home, she never leaves home without the long bow of Serindir and the short bow of Elere. The first one hits very hard with it's x5 (+16,+27) and fire branding, and the short bow is a very nice swap for cold immunity and dark resistance.
Anaxe felt a tiny trickle of fear on her back when passing down the stairs to L82. The recent fight against the Witch King of Angmar with the rest of the level uncleared had led to more excitement than she had cared for. At one occasion she had been teleported by the dark shape into a room nearly filled with huge demons and demonic Q busy summoning more of them. Fast as she was, she managed to teleport out before death and went back to fight the Witch King. Didn't take long before she was again teleported, this time to face Thuringweitil . Well, it had certainly been exciting for a while but finally when she left the entire level was free from evil, if only for a while. This thought made her heart warm and her fear dissipated instantly.
Just to be on the safe side, Anaxe buffed up with Speed, Resistance, Shield, Heroism and Berserker Strength before scaling the stairs down to dLvl 82. The immediate gut feeling was terrible but there was also the promise of great treasures in the air. After activating her Arkenstone, previously used by Estinorog, the level was mapped in her head and she started reading the patterns. Wow - a huge vault just north from here and,wait ... another small vault in the SE section! Cool.
Wise from recent mistakes Anaxe decided to go west and clear the remaining rooms first to mimimise the risk after a teleport or phase door from a vault but what does she meet if not another vault? A third one! This did not have permawalls but in all other aspects looked like a vault with serious guards and all. Hmmm, she thought, I will be spending a while here. Morgoth must wait.

Anaxe scouts NW and finds a dragon pit. She is not immune to lightning but has not had much problems with electricity before so she decides to clear the pit before taking on the vaults. A long while later, wading through heaps of dead dragons she finds several !Life and !Healing. Sweet, these will come in handy very soon. And here is a pair of Gauntlets with acid immunity. Thinking that those may become useful later, she hides the gauntlets in a small room in the absolute NW.
Back to the small vault in SE she observes two Drujs. Remembering that there were loads of them in the large vault she decides to read a ?Banish and then to clear the first two corridors of the vault. No problems at all, she fund the Long sword of Aedhele but sticks to the Lucerne hammer Nibin, she's gotten quite fond of that by now. Next, Pazuzu is in turn. He may become a pain. Still, not wanting him on the loose later on she enters melee after building an anti-summoning corrodor and the standard buffing. Pow-pow-pow ... shortly thereafter she says to herself "Maybe Pazuzu should have named himself "Paah so-so"? Thanks to Nibin he's now gone for ever. Didn't drop much of value, but maybe he guarded something? Nah, just a few ego items."

Next, off to the NE corner for a !Life and _Power. But wait, what does her sixth sense tell? Huan is moving. Oh no, he got out of the large vault! He'll be here me in a minute! Ouch, she thinks, I don't want to die now! Then she makes a quick swap to Elere for iCold, but also aggravation, and starts hugging the eastern wall. She considers a ?Destruction but decides to fight this beautiful being - "it's him or me and although I'm lacking rShards, Nibin hits animals hard and the cold is not going to be a problem". The first couple of swings goes well, she hits more than he does but then he breathes light. Painful but not critical. A few swings back and forth and she feels shes's doing ok but then he breathes sound. Ouch, she activates -healing and keeps swinging. After another long period of melee going her way he breathes shards, this hurts and results in severe cuts. She takes a chance quaffing only a !CCW , the fight is going her way now. The bleeding stops but then after the next swing he breathes sound. But hey, Huan is much weakened now and she can take the noice much better this time. Here goes another set of seven swings with Nibin (yes, it's the fastest hammer she's seen). Just a few more sets of swings with the hammer and she is safe again. For now. Huan is dead.
She stops for a few seconds crying over the loss we all just suffered asking herself "what if we could have joined up against evil? " but then she gets practical again and checks what gear he was carrying. The Bar Chain Mail of Sulin, a nice Long Bow and a pike of *slay undead*. The chain mail is a keeper, but It will have to stay here for a while. She needs the poison resist from the current mail until getting that other cloak from her home.

Now off to NE to get that !Life. Ooops, it's guarded by a Great Wym of Law. Don't they breathe shards? Well, so did Huan and he's dead. Ouch, one swing and she's worse off than half dead. Those splinters in the Wyrm breath really hurts. She quaffs a !Healing and takes another swing. He summons dragons, but Nibin bites severely into his skin every time it strikes - it is very deadly to dragons, so this is going her way, or so she thought when suddenly the Wyrm is on the run but here is Maeglin, the Traitor of Gondolin just next to her and what's worse he has destroyed the anti-summon corridor and she is hurt. It's a no-brainer, a quick spell and Maeglin disappears. She then immediately gets rid of the Wyrm and a Draconic Q who summons a Bile Wyrm. Next it's time to deal with two dragons and a demon in the large room. Fist the Glabrezu, then the Wyrm. No problems. Loot is useless except the potion and now Maeglin is on the loose. Still she only lost one !Healing but won a !Life.
Now off to the large vault. A pack of Chaos hounds pours out to meet her. Awful creatures, not hurting much one-by-one but even with Nibin, deadly against animals, it takes three to four rounds of swings to kill just one of them. Fortunately they come one at the time and soon she is entering the vault. Traps on every stone in the long outer corridors. No problem for a Master Thief, she wades into the traps and reads a ?Mass Banish. The scroll covered half of the vault. Azriel is the only one left and she will deal with him later if possible, now she wants to go sneaking in the long corridors for loot. Found a !Healing but Maeglin is coming back. Able to bore through the rock means he's hard to stop. Maybe fight him here? First rest a few rounds to get more mana but then Azriel wakes up. Ouch, definitely don't want to fight him and Maeglin at the same time. She tries the spell again and off he goes and she's free to loot nearly half the vault but lo and behold, just junk. Well, a RoS +9 is something, but not when you already have enough of them.
She temporarily removes Maeglin with a spell again and goes for the center section. Bah, nothing of value except a _Healing and a slight upgrade to the "Weaponmastery. Still, there is the left section to go and then after that the medium vault.
She is doing well, killing some monsters and looting. Not much of value and ... here comes Maeglin again. More sneaking around and finding another _Healing as well as a =CON +6 replacing the +4 one resulting in a welcome addition up to 1056 HP. Sweet but far from spectacular loot. Not a single artifact in this huge (approx 66x13 squares) vault! The ?Mass Banish was probably a big mistake, monsters must have picked upp stuff which was lost with them.
Then she starts marching towards SW after a Phase door which left Maeglin alone inside the vault. As long as she stays south, he should be unable to get to her but ooops - here comes Azriel. Well ... after Huan it can't be too bad. Swinging away, only one -Healing activation and some !CCW needed due to multiple Nether attacks. Then Azriel is history.
Moving west, forced somewhat north and here is Maeglin again. Will fight now. He summons a very large Q that she takes care of before starting to bash Maeglin again. He summons a Nightwalker but the fight goes well although she needs to zap a _Healing once.
Ok, finally in the southwestern vault. Cantoras and Feagwath guarding as well as plasma hounds and others. As long as she can fight one at the time she'll probably do fine. Here goes ... Cantoras hits hard and keeps stunning her with his whirlpools of water. Down att 440 hp trying to zap _Healing when stunned she realizes that was a very bad idea. !Healing is available and certain, the wand of course fails due to stunning and bad luck. Fortunately Cantoras gives her a break and she can heal up the next round. Twice. Three times. Cantoras spells are bad but the _Healing is doing it's job nicely so she keeps hitting and _healing. Before dying, Cantoras screams and fills the room with undead. She fights for a while but it does not go too well. Her wands get drained and suddenly a secret door opens from where Feagwath and his large bunch of "L"ovely friends were sittning. Sweet, NOT! She decides to ?Mass Banish, or this could very well be the end for her, and finds out that there was no secret door. They came straight through the rock. No wonder she didn't see them coming.
Going through the loot halfheartedly due to the disappointing success so far on this level she soon finds out why Cantoras was so hard to kill. Not only did he drop the shiny set of Mithril Shot Boots of Cirith with +10 Speed, some sustains and rNexus plus activation for "Bizarre things" but also the White Dragon Scalemail Lodrimon with +1 shooting speed and rCold,Light,Dark,Shards and Disenchant. rShards is welcome and +1 shooting speed is just plain sweet!
Now only Feagwath is left sleeping by ?Keleks Grimoire of Power. She really want that one since she haven't seen one yet. After checking the rest of the loot first and then swapping to the new armour and Elere she tries to lure Feagwath to an anti-summoning corridor? Nah, he stays in his little center cavern, but one rock to mud spell later he is on his way. Feagwath's magical attacks sonn brings Anaxe near death, so she starts quaffing !Healing and using her _Healing. Also he drains her Dex a lot but she keeps hitting with Nibin in a furious tempo. The _Healing is more than useful and finally Cantoras drops. No loot but she's off to his cavern to thet that spellbook and there's more! Or so she thought. Screw Feagwath! He had a nice library of magic tomes but the only one she didn't have had just a single readable spell: Bedlam! As if the monsters weren't mad enough already?

Final inventory for dLvl 82:
- Killed Pazuzu, Huan, Azriel, Maeglin, Cantoras and finally Feagwath
- Found shiny boots (+10 speed, rNexus)
- Found shiny armour (lightweight, +1 shoting speed and lot's resists including missing rShard)
- Found shiny gauntlets with iAcid
- Was drained four levels and effective dex was drained to 18/130
- Doubled up stock of !Life and made a small gain on !Healing
- Minor upgrades on RoS and "Weaponmastery
- Picked up 2x _Healing
All in all all a good days work!
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