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Snotty is on a distinguished road
Ive been playing angband for around 11 years now on and off without ever winning. Ive not even got half way through the dungeon as I wont cheat with the save file. Now thats what I call value for money in a game
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tprice is on a distinguished road
Off and on since Moria back in '90 or 91. Mostly short lived mages but this time a Troll Warrior in V and about to leave stat gain for unknown below 2000'...

Thomas Price
aka The Bookworm
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Zikke is on a distinguished road
I've been playing off and on since Moria (took a long time off around the Diablo and Warcraft years). Still no win, even though I have gotten to max depth and max stats and full resists. I guess I'm just not strategic enough to pull the final trigger...
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nobody is on a distinguished road
i've been playing for about 18 years, started with umoria i think, i played hack a little too, but always prefered moria/angband. i was around 10 when i started, and don't much remember back then
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Papayouki is on a distinguished road
I was about 16 when I first played angband on my Amiga.
Due to a problem of space on the disk, I was not able to save after playing more than one hour. So I just tried the game.
I won once when I was 21, but I was save-scumming.

Time to time I install a new version (now nppangband) and try it.

But I never won the game. I am 35, so that's 19 year of stupid deaths, bad luck and overconfidence.
Overconfident ?
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Old July 28, 2008, 05:58   #26
Pete Mack
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Pete Mack is on a distinguished road
WRT to cheating and finishing more than 1/2 the dungeon

DO IT. I was suffering from 2500' to ~4000; I just could not get past 3000'.

So I made a copy of a partial-stat-gained character at 2000', then played over and over until I found a speed ring at native depth (3750'). After that, winning was much, much easier. The quadratic-time learning curve can be a huge turn-off, and there are reasonable ways to cheat that do not defeat the purpose.
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Old July 28, 2008, 18:33   #27
Cardinal Rob
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Took me about 10 years on and off play to beat Angband, although I had beaten Moria in my youth and Zangband twice.

I finally beat Angband with a half-elf rogue.

Usually I die out of carelessness and boredom. If I stagger my play to about 1 hour a day or so, I find I can beat it.
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Old July 29, 2008, 17:13   #28
darkdrone's Avatar
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year and a half , not that i dont have standing power, but a whole lot of Angband out there!
"When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche.
(does this mean the RNG learns my worst fears, mummy?)
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awldune is on a distinguished road
Started playing in early 90's with Frog-Knows. Got two winners around 2002, but no winners since. I've been playing NPP since it came out, which might be part of why.
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Tenka is on a distinguished road
Drat, I came in hoping to blow some minds with "12 YEARS FELLAS", but some of you have me beat.

I usually get tired by about lvl40, can't be arsed getting a kit together covering all resists for a push towards to lower lvls so I just hoarde a big pile of uniques at my house and become the bane of Trolls.

I started off with Vanilla angband in the dark age before the internet..the game facinated me before I figured out how to decend into the dungeon and eat food to avoid starvation
Took a good many years before I was able to run a decently strong character and it was only 2 years ago that I met another human who had ever heard of this and still played it.
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