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Sil swords strategy?

Hi, What would you do in this situation?

Melee: 15+equipment & Evasion: 13

I've got a nice collection of swords
1) Mithril Longsword of Final Rest (+2,2d5) [+1] 1.5 lb
2) Longsword of Final Rest (+1,2d6) [+1] 3.5 lb
3) The Longsword 'Aranruth' (+3,2d6) [+1] <+3> 4.0 lb ** attracts danger **
4) Bastard Sword of Doriath (-2,3d4) [+1] 4.5 lb

I've also got a nice axe and a fire branded Sceptre (on the floor)
1) a Great Axe of Nargothrond (-4,4d5) 9.0 lb
2) Sceptre of Fire (+0, 2d4) 4.0 lb

So far I've been charging with heavy weapons but I have xp enough to buy the dual wielding skill. Should I dual wield? Go safe with 2x final rest or use Aranruth?

Also, what would be the next important step? I'm not that good with dark/invisible foes but have been able to survive them so far.
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The worst thing is starting a smith and then finding a billion artefacts that are better than anything you will smith

Aranruth is utterly insanely powerful, I would probably stick with that as your main.

Here's what I would probably do:

- Make some +evasion boots ([+1,1d1] if you can) and a helm (a plain helm [+0,1d3] or whatever). Keep your dwarf mask as a swap, and ditch the greaves. Main Aranruth and your +evasion shield for now. If you need free action, just swap to your mithril longsword, the only things that entrance are horrors and some spiders for a long time. You'll mince oathwraiths with the extra damage die from that sword, if needed.

- Dual-wielding could be legit good with this character, and that mithril longsword in the offhand would be great in the long run.

- If you want to keep smithing, I might go to Jeweller to make like a +3 evasion ring and a +3 acc ring or something.

- Eventually you're going to want some will. It's really annoying to play a brawler-type character without it, IMO.

If you just focus on buying melee and evasion up to 15/12 or something, you'll already be very strong with Aranruth. Then you just have to find a way to deal with high-def monsters. Maybe you can just rush to masterpiece and make a 1.0lb sharp mithril longsword to offhand after melting down your current one
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I would make a nice lamp out of the mithril sword and go with Aranruth and get will-based abilities. (To produce fear and/or bonus armour.) I would drop the sceptre.
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Thanks for advice. No forges yet but definitely some progress.
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