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Originally Posted by zaimoni View Post
Your problem is that has pulled virtually all references to their Objective Make build system from the Internet. I think Angband is the last holdout on accurate documentation. (Not even the project infighting notes over this are making Google now.)
The author of the build system popped into IRC to note that its new home is Angband's version is well out of date.
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Speaking of build systems... would there by any interest in replacing the current Angband one with a CMake-based one? I believe it should work better for Windows users (at least if building using MSVC is supported for Vanilla in general), and it is much simpler and saner when handling things like choosing between clang/gcc and carrying flags like "-fsanitize" over to the linking stage. (Though, I believe the latter is actually a problem with the Vanilla makefile(s), rather than anything autoconf related per se. I couldn't see any simple way of fixing that generally so I just hacked around in the makefile until I got a Clang+-fsanitize build going.)

It would also make support for (at least some) IDEs better, since e.g. QtCreator has support for CMake.

EDIT: I should say: I already have a working CMake build set up for Tome2-AH, and it should be relatively straightforward to port that to Angband.
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