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Naming of groups of monsters

While inventing the herd name "An Unkindness of Unmakers" in a recent char dump I realized I have not seen a comprehensive list of herd names. I'd be very happy if someone could point me to such a list. I made these up on the fly but surely there are better options?

An Ascencion of Angels
A Clattering of Living Armor
A Siege of Auto-rollers
A Brood of Babbles
A Stable of Centaurs
An Intrusion of Chthonians
A Quiver of Culverin
A Dissimulation of Death-Swords
A Drove of Demons
A Bellowing of Demonic Horrors
A Cete of Dhole
A Litter of Disembodied Eyes / Hands
A Dribble of Dragons
A Bask of Driders
A Shrewdness of Elder Things
A Band of Ettin
A Clutch of Fishroosters
A Grist of Gorgimerae
A Hive of Hell-Beasts
A Gang of Gug
A Herd of Harpies
A Caravan of Headless
A Siege of Hydrae
A Slide of Jellies
A Silence of Keepers of Secrets
A Destruction of Kraken
A Sute of Marilith
A Tower of Minotaurs
A Miscoloring of Mold
A Nuisance of Naga
A Wake of Orbs
A Chain of Polyp
A Plump of Pumpkins
A Bed of Quylthulgs
A Sickness of Shamblers
An Intrigue of Shan
A Charm of Skulls
A Team of Tomes
A Confusion of Umber Hulks
An Unlikeliness of Unicorn
An Unkindness of Unmakers
A Murder of Vampires
A Dazzle of Vortex
A Flock of Weirs
A Wreck of Wisps
A Fling of Xorn
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