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Consumable Usage


I've been thinking of doing a very limited consumables run, as it's sometimes a little immersion breaking to be swigging potions while a horde of orcs is ineffectually poking at you. At first I thought of just imposing a rule upon myself that I couldn't use any potions or herbs while opponents were adjacent. However, I wondered if it would be possible to insert an option that opponents get a free attack, as with archery, if you consume potions / herbs while adjacent to them? This would make slinkers a bit more attractive versus stabbers I suppose, and would reduce tactical decisionmaking options in some circumstances.
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I admit I don't quite understand the problem. Drinking or eating takes a turn, after which the bad guys get to attack you again. You want to give them yet ANOTHER chance to attack?
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It was an inelegant solution for a problem that only exists if you dislike the notion of swigging a potion while ducking the swing of an orc's scimitar. Obviously just renaming potions to one-use charms also works! I suppose that a thematic way of approaching tweaks in game mechanics would be for potions to be unusable in combat but to give slight bonuses to stats for a somewhat longer duration than at present. In combat I find abilities like song of staunching and strength of adversity to be very thematic and in tune with the fiction - like Hurin calling out as he smites his foes for example. But the game is great fun as it is anyway, and I suppose I should just try a singer next.
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