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Protection against frost

Gilim, the Giant of Eruman hits you.
You are covered with frost!
Low hitpoint warning!
One of your Yellow Potions of Dexterity (k) was destroyed!
Are there any means that I can adopt to protect against potions being destroyed from frost attacks?
I am equipping the longsword 'Narsil,' which provides resistance to cold.
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cold IMMUNITY (very rare) protects potions vs cold
I believe double cold resist (item + potion) helps but not 100%
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Since I was recently asked a similar question on a dump of Avghar's I'll repost my answer here:

Q: Can I somehow protect equipment from cold / acid / fire attacks, or should I expect high eq and consumables loss every game?
A: You will find a decent quantity of equipment including artifacts that "cannot be harmed by the elements" such as your mail corslet. Consumables tend to be a bit more fragile, but are only harmed if you take damage, and the chances of losing items are affected by resistance after you do. Stacking cold and fire resistance and swapping to a shield when facing breath weapons will greatly reduce the losses of consumables.

I'd also add that Sil and Sil-Q do not have cold immunity. You can wear multiple items with cold resistance and these stack, though in practice it's usually more useful to be doubled up on fire or poison.
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