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Thumbs up Finally killed that bastard Smeagol!

So level 10 human paladin, my first human, no infravision or see invis and I run into Smeagol at 200'. I didn't realize it was him at first because I thought that maybe some ghosts steal, but I had 1200-ish gold to start and after they got 300 of it I figured I shouldn't leave until I got it back.

Well, I finally discovered that detect evil revealed my thief and it was that Smeagol! At only 1 mana, I could cast it about 10-ish times before running out of mana, so I was able to track him down. I had some potions of speed, heroism, scrolls of blessing, and roughly 30 arrows and 20 sling bullets (I had found a sling earlier). Using these, I got him down to 3 asterisks, but I kept loosing him. He would steal more and poof! He was gone. Now I had to find him again and once I got near, I had to recheck to see where he moved around to. I would go down a corridor where I saw him earlier, only to check and find that he had gone past me and was on the other side.

So after depleting my boosts and ammo (which he kindly stashed as soon as it hit the ground), this started to not go so very well. After a series of loosing him and having to regen mana before trying to find him again, he was finally back to full health. I should have just say "bah" and left, but NOOOO.

Thankfully, there was a pot at the end of the rainbow, which was good because I really had to go. Once he stole my last coin, he would try to steal, but get nothing and NOT do the "Poof! Now I'm over here!" trick (except sometimes when I would manage to protect my purse). Thus, after more than 30k turns, I finally slew the bastard and got my gold and ammo back along with some 18 items he collected along the way.

Kudos to all of the developers that made him so horrifically annoying!
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I am sympathizing with you - and congratulations to the successful hunt.
Years ago, when I started playing Angband, I considered Smeagol the most annoying monster ever developed. ^^
I felt it so frustrating to loose all my painstakingly gathered gold to that sneeky little bastard.
Nowadays I just leave the level when I'm not sure I can kill him swiftly. That is so much better for my blood pressure.
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I feel like I'm the only one who enjoys fighting Sméagol. I always take him on no matter how early I meet him - it's one of the most interesting tactical battles in the game. If he's two squares away, step towards him; if he's only one square away, step back; when he's next to you, thwack him; when he teleports away, use Detect Invisible to pinpoint him and chase him down before he can recover his health again. It's fun! Almost never actually rewarding, but fun.

(Admittedly, I usually play warriors and avoid races without infravision. If you're only hitting for ten damage and can't even see the little bugger, no doubt it's significantly less fun.)
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