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Apologies for vanishing, and for thread necromancy, but I hope for this to be clear enough to make up for it.

I am fairly sure I'm talking about the "until suddenly it's time to go to work" part; I mean-- you don't find it at all scary to lose consciousness to some impulse like that? It feels like a little death, so I almost instinctually try to find some defense against its influence; a mental structure analogous to a "pre-set turn limit" which clamps off the harm the habit can do to me. The crux of this issue, and perhaps the reason I failed to respond so long ago, is that I find it disturbing (at around the level of "watching a 30-year-old at the store act just like a 4-year-old") that this set of fear, feeling, instinct, and defense doesn't even seem to have counterparts in the people here.
The whole experience has been vaguely like going out onto a balcony in the dark, reaching for the railing, and finding nothing there.

Moreover...there's a part of me that does not want to hear the response to this, because I imagine it will be retaliatory, strained, or flippant; no responses one should make a person want to write.
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I hate that addictive "just one more level..." feeling. I love games that provide natural stopping points.

I'm designing Halls of Mist mostly for myself. I only play one dungeon level per day and stop after that. Actually I only play after doing sports -- playing Mist is a good reward for myself!

I'm trying to make sure that each dungeon level is an interesting challenge by itself, and provides enough fun decisions for the player to make. I want myself to feel happy about playing my daily dungeon level. I want to meet monsters that will kill me unless I use my inventory and the randomly generated battleground wisely.

I guess I'm more interested in balancing individual dungeon levels so that playing never feels too easy than balancing the whole game from beginning to winning... Each dungeon level should be a mini-roguelike, a separate strategic/tactical puzzle.
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Originally Posted by krazyhades View Post
There's no battle micro, as you have to set up commands for your units beforehand.

The main reason I like it is the insane number of spells.
I liked the Dominions games but aren't they multiplayer-only? I don't think they had any AI to speak of.
"3.4 is much better than 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3. It still is easier than 3.0.9, but it is more convenient to play without being ridiculously easy, so it is my new favorite of the versions." - Timo Pietila
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