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Which ring is best

So I was scumming around dlvl 85ish with Nenya on one hand and a speed <+18> ring on the other when I came across Narya. I'm having a hard time choosing between the speed ring and Narya because the latter brings my hp above the 700 mark which I really need at this stage but the loss of so much speed is a bad blow.
Any advice would be wonderful, thanks.
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what are your speeds with the +18 and narya?
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Pete Mack
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Assuming you have speed from other sources, I'd go with two rings of Power. Native speed +20 is enough for most anything.
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Ingwe Ingweron
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Depends on sustains, other sources of speed, etc. However, if in doubt, use one as a swap with the speed ring. You can then get the sustains, resistances, immunities, and speed needed for specific situations until you have enough speed from boots, cloaks, trickery, etc., to confidently two-fist the Elven rings.
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I wish I had that character. Two rings of power and a +18 speed ring? Those are some insanely lucky finds.

But yeah, +18 is probably overkill if you have any other sources of permanent speed at all, so the elven rings are the better choices. But do keep that ring around to show off, because you probably won't find anything cooler to put in a house slot.
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Got a char a while ago that found a +23 speed ring... and didn't use it
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