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Out of Date Artefact descriptions

I currently have the following artefacts which both used to aggrevate, but now have had this removed:

The Leather Shield of the Haradrim
"Its wielder will fear nothing and fight with unnatural strength, but also draw attention to himself"

The Steel helm of Hammerhand
"...Although they knew of his coming, none could stand against him."

Only very minor I know, but since aggrevate has been removed from these two powerful items, perhaps a -1 PVAL to stealth would be appropriate, as is the case with Thorin and Thror now?

Best regards,
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Good point. Any opposition to a stealth penalty to haradrim and hammerhand?
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Go for it.
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-1 seems even too mild a penalty to me.
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Timo Pietilš
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Originally Posted by fph View Post
-1 seems even too mild a penalty to me.
Not for Hammerhand. It actually has hard time competing with ordinary crown of might <+3>




otherwise identical except that Hammerhand probably has higher AC.

I'd take sustains any day especially now that restoration potions have been removed.

RES_DARK you get from Arkenstone, RES_NEXUS usually (for me) comes from Trickery, acid resistance from basic four is the most common one and cold is nearly as common.
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but asl

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