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The Small Water Cave is a little watery dungeon at the entrance to the Mines of Moria. We should be able to recall at the bottom of the dungeon and aim straight for the boss. We leave Bree in the morning and recall near Rivendell. We should be able to reach the dungeon easily by going south from there. And indeed nothing noticeable happens during our travel. We recall to 2250ft... which is clearly a small labyrinth level filled with nasty stuff, including a lesser black reaver, great balance drake and ancient multihued dragon, all very close and prone to wake up very fast. We should probably flee. In fact, we'll use teleport level immediately. Back to 2200ft, we don't see any threat close, so we start exploring the level, hoping to find some stairs down quickly. We find a potion of constitution on the level, raising our hps to 396, which should be enough against the boss and his water balls. We find some stairs down and go back to 2250ft. A "terribly dangerous level", but nothing in sight. We equip our telepathy staff and detect our boss on the level, but otherwise no real threat (except maybe an ancient power dragon, but he's on the opposite corner of the level compared to the boss). On our way, we get attacked by Shadowfax, and unfortunately we have to slay Gandalf's steed. We make our way to the Watcher in the Water, haste ourselves and start shooting our fiery bolts at him. Fortunately for us, we stay out of reach of his deadly tentacles and we only have to suffer a water ball once. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't resist fire and falls quickly. For our effort, we get some boots of stability, armor of resistance, and these three random artifacts:

m) the Amulet of Deliad <+3>
     Dropped by The Watcher in the Water at 2250 feet (level 45).

     You do not know the full extent of this item's powers.
     +3 infravision.
     Provides resistance to light, dark, sound.
     Provides protection from fear.
     Sustains your life force.
     Grants telepathic awareness.
Not that great, but if we find some good body armor, we could use it for the light and sound resistances.

p) the Pair of Steel Shod Boots 'Lasaereg' [7,+27] <+4, +3, +1>
     Dropped by The Watcher in the Water at 2250 feet (level 45).

     +4 wisdom.
     +3 dexterity.
     +1 constitution.
     Provides resistance to cold.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
     Sustains intelligence.
     Makes you fall like a feather.
     Grants the ability to sense dragons.

r) the Main Gauche of Arthiar (1d5) (+26,+10) <+3, +1>
     Dropped by The Watcher in the Water at 2250 feet (level 45).

     +3 strength.
     +1 light.
     Slays dragons, demons (powerfully).
     Branded with lightning.
     Provides resistance to lightning.
     Provides protection from confusion.
     Cannot be harmed by acid.
     Grants the ability to see invisible things.
     Radius 1 light.
     Grants the ability to sense evil.
     Grants the ability to sense dragons.

     When activated, it inflicts 120 points of damage on all evil monsters in
     sight, heals 50 hit points, cures all temporary negative effects, and
     grants protection from evil for 1d25+3*clvl turns.
     Takes 294 to 360 turns to recharge at your current speed.
     Your chance of success is 95.9%

     Combat info:
     4.0 blows/round.
     Average damage/round: 132.8 vs. creatures not resistant to lightning,
     132.8 vs. dragons, 158.4 vs. demons, and 107.2 vs. others.
Also useless. We recall back to Bree and donate them to the shops. We drop the randart amulet in our house and check our next destination: the Helcaraxe.
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