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I've got this working on Android now. I'm going with my first idea and storing ISO-8859-1 in wchar_t. The code is in the normal place ( There's an installable app package at

I wrote this code late at night and I now see one or two problems that I'll have to fix, but I don't think that they will introduce bugs to the game. My mbstowcs() implementation is a little bit off. I need to see if wcstr is null to know when I'm returning the length without a copy (I was looking at the length parameter), and I'm not supposed to null terminate wcstr if length is less than the length of the string.
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Originally Posted by pav View Post
Aha. Should be fine for the dump content now. Should I expect utf-8 to ever appear in character class, race and name fields? (Also it's funny that this bb software is not utf-8 enabled. When I flipped the charset on it, Timo lost his ...)
Still doesn't work for PWMAngband dumps... The non-standard characters are displayed as little squares.
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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