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Red Sky Grishka
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PosChengBand - Statues

In the black market especially, i often see statues. (not magical figurines) of monsters, sometimes uniques. Are they useless or do they 'come to life' if i use a wand of stone to mud? Also, sometimes i see 'you've stumbled upon something interesting...' What does that mean?

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Statues, the 50-pound things are just bulky loot.
Figurines, iirc, can be used to call the mob, but I cannot remember if/what skill/class is needed. I usually just ignore both.
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Unless PosCheng has deviated this feature much from Heng (which most of my knowledge is based on ), statues are there to either ignore or collect (if that's your thing -- I sometimes found it fun trying to hunt for unique statues, for example). Figurines can be thrown to summon the depicted monster as a pet, but standard pet mechanics apply, which would mean that based on your race/class combo you might not be able to maintain control of the summoned creature.
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