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Frog - Daggermaster - does anyone actually use dagger throwing?

I tried to find some on the Ladder so I could see how many times successful characters "cast" Dagger Toss, but couldn't find one.

Right now, it feels like it does less damage than just shooting a missile weapon, with the huge disadvantage that there is a good chance you'll drop it when it returns to you, having to waste time to pick it up. And if you counted on any resists/intrinsics in that weapon, you're vulnerable for the short time it takes to pick it back up. I suspect I'd be better off just shooting whatever the best missile weapon & ammo I've found.

Has anyone found dagger throwing useful? Would it benefit from buffing?
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For daggermasters throwing becomes really good later on when things get nasty melee and especially auras, early on the catch chance also depends on a lot on being in toss stance and having high dex. I've done a couple like this one (in poscheng before ability usage stats) and I also did a skillmaster thrower which is incredibly OP early on since you max out damage so quickly, but doesn't scale much after that.
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Thanks. I've gotten my Dex up to 121, and combined with Flying Dagger it definitely is more reliable at returning to my hand. I'm using it more - I'm not sure it (yet) does more damage than a Sling of Velocity with some enchanted shots, but I do like the convenience of not having to chase down my ammo after.
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