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overall game difficulty over the last few years

I first started playing in the early 3.xx versions I think, played enough to get a few winners in 3.3 and 3.4 versions and then only dropped in occasionally afterwards. My favorite combo is a HT paladin, very powerful early game and still quite powerful late game with infinite 5% fail heal and major melee skills.
My current char is at char level 25, dungeon depth 20 and it game seems way hard. I remember level 25 chars used to run around depth 30, without extra speed that was hard, with speed items it became easy. Now most individual monsters or monsters groups are doable but they tend to come all at once and if you try to back of a bit you immediately run into the next group. Say a bunch of some orc varieties are a good target, a few low type Zs are as well, a sabre tooth tiger is annoying and not lucrative but can be defeated. But someone I get all three at once without some empty rooms or turns to recover/ manage the fights.
It feels like a) overall monster density is much higher and b) the proportion of monster with native depth around dungeon depth is much higher with fewer monsters that are native shallower. Is that true?
Also tried a blackguard for a bit, it seemed in the beginning they only have drawbacks and nothing good going for them?
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I think overall monster density increased to make it more interesting. This makes high stealth strong, even when its not perfect stealth. This weakens half trolls since they depend on healing up between fights.
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Well, my character did a few dungeons levels deeper to a snake. It blinded my each turn, I chugged cure light wounds and didn't even notice that it was taking huge bites from my hitpoints as well. So clearly not paying proper attention ;-) Seems like a whole bunch of monsters changed and I didn't expect any snake to be a threat to a character above level 20.

Playing a gnome ranger now, high stealth is very noticeable and he feels a lot more powerful and fun so far (char level 17).
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