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Saw one mention of Dwarf Fortress earlier. Just found this one little while ago, and really dig it (pun intended). I still haven't played the roguelike Adventure mode, but the fortress mode is like ascii sim city if your citizens are all alcoholic retards (but in a good way).

Also Elonia- I've got this and tried it out a bit but didn't get past the learning curve. Very creative though.

edit- apparently I'm the alcoholic retard- I'm new to the forums here from the ToME forum and I just noticed there's already a dwarf fortress thread in this forum.
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Did not play Angband since LOTRO has received the moria extension.

Overconfident ?
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December brought me a new influx of console games. I am currently playing Harvest Moon: ToT, Super Swing Golf 2, Metroid Prime 3, Mario Kart, and William's Pinball Collection all for the Wii. Some of these were gifts for my kids...yeah...we'll stick with that one.

As for the PC...I have been really into Pro Pinball: Timeshock and Spelunky.

I suggest you guys try Spelunky out. It is a combination platformer/rogue-like. You basically descend in to a cave and see how much treasure you can gather, along with permadeath. You have various equipment to help and increase your abilities. No real RPG elements to it, but a pretty good game.

link to Spelunky
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If you're you're into pinball, and you seem to be, check out visual pinball, and then combine it with pinmame32.

Any one can emulate a video game... but here you'll find real pinball machine machines emulated and actual ROM emulation (for the newer machines). It's a lot of fun for the price (free). Funhouse is one of my favorites.

And also check MAME32, for classic video game emulation, if you were unaware.

I haven't messed with this stuff in a while. I hope it's still active/up to date.
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Metal Slug, hell yeah. Fun for two.
If you can convincingly pretend you're crazy, you probably are.
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Thanks for the links buzzkill. I've checked these out a bit and will do more with them in the future.

I've done some mame before. One of my favorite is...I can't remember the name but it was a DnD based side scrolling beat-em-up. It's been a while.
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Game of the year 2008: World of Goo. A simple building/puzzle solving game but there's something so addictive about the way the goo balls squeal. A nice subtle sense of humour and smooth intuitive game play.
Come play Metroplexity!
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Originally Posted by ekolis View Post
Hmm, figured I'd post again here, since it's been a while...
Me too. In the last 18 months I've played:

- a spattering of Diablo II
- a brief affair with Hellgate (glad I didn't suscribe!)
- about 90% of the NWN2 OC
- quite a lot of Age of Mythology (Titans)
- Crawl Stone Soup (heresy I know, but it did bring me back to Angband)

Hmm, anyone else here have a Wii? We should swap friend codes, heh!
Yes! Sorry to be dim, but what is a friend code?

Best thing about the Wii is its emulation: being able to play the original Zero Wing is just awesome!

P.S. To Big Al - I quite liked World of Goo, but it's basically a rewrite of Lemmings with better physics and way less addictiveness. I wasn't motivated to find more of it after finishing the demo levels.
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Elona. It's a quirky graphical CRPG with roguelike elements.

Don't worry, it's in English (although it's better in the original Japanese ;-)
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Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, Diablo 2, Ghost Recon 1, and to my eternal shame...

I'm getting a real kick out of Kingdom Hearts 2, which I bought for my mohter on Mother's Day, but have played much more than she has.

To be fair, she's hooked on GRAW.
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