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I don't remember why, but I had taken off that piece of armour that gave me Free Action and forgot to put it back on. And suddenly, in a battle with a Lich, I am not only paralysed but also confused and blinded (got brain smashed, I guess)! With some lesser unded beings hacking away my hit points in big chunks from two or three directions at once!

And no, I wasn't saved by a Blink Dog or Phase Spider nor was I saved by a levelteleporting Nexus attack, I actually survived until the paralysis wore off! I don't think I was way on a much shallower dungeon level than my character was "meant" to be on either, I guess I was just lucky.

I was still blind and confused, however, so I just had to hold my thumbs that I wouldn't be paralysed/blinded/confused again after I quaffed a healing potion. Lucklily, I wasn't! And the following turn I could read a scroll that teleported me away to another level. Whew! That was in Quickband and my first winner in any Anband variant ever!

Taking off your Free Action equipment and then descending into the depths again without remembering to put it back on is like being a scubadiver diving into the sea without remembering to again put on his diving suit.

In the NPPAngband game I'm currently playing I've had a couple of those dumb and lucky survivals too. I took on a minor demon stronghold, even though I had looked those up on the internet and found that they were both annoying and dangerous. The first room wasn't so impossible as it wasn't so big, and the Imps and Tengus didn't teleport me around so much that I was completly defenceless. The second room was another story, though. I was completly surrounded by demons, blind, confused and poisoned (but luckily not paralysed this time! ) They didn't do damage to me that quickly, however, and I had lots of Cure Light Wounds potions. To start with. Therefore I didn't escape when I could. Only when my potions and hit points where running out I understood that I should fear for my life, but was it too late by then? Appearantly not, suddenly BOTH the blindness and confusion wore off at exactly the same turn and I could read scroll teleporting me away from that hideous level!

In Angband, Scroll of Level Teleport = The Holy Bible

In this current game I've only found two of those scrolls, though. One saved me from the demons and the other one sadly burned up. On the same journey into the depths where I lost my second scrolls I decided to still try to take on that pit filled to the brim with Creeping Coins (mostly Adamantine ones, the fastest and toughest of them all). The level gave a superb feeling and after detecting objects I saw chests and the like being there for the taking. I really wanted to think I had a chance of getting the treasures. My greed clouded my mind and I was fooled into thinking that this was a game where untold riches where the prize. Far too late I realised that the prize wasn't treasures but my life!

Adamantine coins are fast (at least creeping ones, the others are just fast money), remember? Only very slightly slower than I was after quaffing a potion of speed. And it was dozens of them coming after me. And it was a very small level. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. As soon as I understood that the question wasn't if I was going to get the treasures or not, but wheter I was going to make it out of there alive or not, I recalled (as I said my level teleport scroll had burned up). I was stunned, poisoned and badly wounded. I tried to run but I was surrounded. I phased and tried to run again but found myself in a dead end. Casting Earthquake only wasted my mana. I phased and phased again, but it seemed like I always landed next to those godforsaken coins, getting hit again and even closer to death every time. The few times when I didn't land right beside my enemy I just had to spend turns quaffing potions but even though I was fast, I never got to drink more than one or two before the coins caught up with me. They really were all over the place!

Not one second too soon my recall yanked me upwards to safety!

Sweet, sweet sunlight! I'll NEVER go down into that horrid dungeon again! At least not before getting something to eat and checking my email...
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A battle with an AMHD:

I was at < 100HP but it had only 1 star left and I felt sure I would kill it with one more attack. I got two hits in, but it still wasn't dead. It's attacks that turn got me down to 0HP. I thought, "well I could read a ?teleport level, but I'm almost certain to kill it with one more attack." One more attack and it STILL wasn't dead, but instead of attacking it started to run away. Whew. So do I read ?tele level now? Of course not! I want to kill this dragon. So I fire an arrow. it misses. The dragon uses its turn to cast a fear spell. The second arrow kills it, and I change my name to Lucky.
The only loot from it that I kept was a few (+7 +4) arrows which I poison branded using a missile magic spell.

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